Understand that taking anything in excess is sure to have a bad rap with your body and health in general. Protein is essential in building up the body, repairing muscles, organs, tissues and cells in the body and as good as it is for you to include proteins in your everyday diet, there is a limit to what your body can take. Here is what happens to your body when you consume too much protein.

Smelly breath

Reducing your intake of carbs to the barest minimum and scarfing down proteins at every chance you get might help with your weight loss plan. However, all that excess protein stored up in your body produce chemicals called ketones which ends up making your breath stink. Brushing thrice in a day or flossing won’t fix it unless you reduce your intake of protein a bit.

You’ll get flabby

Packing too much protein than your body can take might make you lose weight initially but afterward it would result in long-term weight gain. And with the additional fat hanging on your skin, your body parts get flabby over time.


Protein and nitrogen go hand in hand, but if you take in a moderate amount of protein you just excrete the nitrogen with ease. However, if it’s the other way round you’ll be overworking your kidneys with all that extra nitrogen and this could damage your kidneys over time.

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